Jumat, Oktober 10, 2008

Youngster City Rockers

Tetap exist meski terseok seok......... long life for SKA !!!
salud bwat band ini yg mau berjuang mempertahankan music SKA

long life for SKA coz moreSKAmoreFUN


It’s too hot we beside that
It’s too cold we out the pit
Don’t think anything
Just body come here

Listen your friend what we say
Hear and coming back again
Lookin up for this world
And keep still..rude..!!

Today I didn’t change my mind
Don’t care this time
Happines, forget and fun
There something for you

Come on..come on shake your head!!
Come on..come have thigs will get

and.. ready one stage, hurry up idiot
like a jump still one sound, shake your head, drop your gun
dont worry be happy, coming soon, skunx the dumb
everybody i say.. coming soon, skunx the dumb!


We’re just need some time, how really come
Nobody take me home, won't tell anyone
I know will be gone
You know we’ll never down

It’s hard to face when we get take all the way
Everything seems right but it’s hard to say
I know will be gone
You know we’ll never down

I guess I didn’t wrong
So alone and nothing at all

Someday.. we’ll walk on our ways
Someday.. we’ll be get always,
Get always, You and I, Walk and Smile!!

It’s all about time we passed away
Everthings gonna be okay
Just be Allright..
remember the day!

some my friends stab my back on my window
but i still stand on my own feet
all my try one by one and
wonder why i didn't give a fuck
but i'll remember the day

itu cuma liriknye doank hegegeeee
klo mo donlod silakan mampir di www.hell-anthem.com
enjoy this site bro......

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  1. band kereeen ni!

    gw udah denger demonya..siiip deh pokoknya.shake ur head!!!!!!!!


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